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Before & After - cities and space transformed by Artrvlers!

redans 2019 2

The forts inside Redans fortification. We painted soldiers and the General who lost their life fighting for the freedom and gained victory.

Artrvler Luis Guevara from Venezuela, Clara Cabrera from Spain, Bartosz Janczak from Poland, Robin Abramović from Austria, Predrag Radovanovic from Serbia, Jp Pemapsorn from Thailand, Muriel Rebora from Argentina, Hikki10 from China, Kim,Jurek from Spain, Ramunas AV from Lithuania were chosen to come to Liepaja, Latvia to participate the Karosta Festival to celebrate 100 years Independency War of Latvia, the festival attracted at least 500 locals and international tourists, and NATO to take part as well.

redans 2019 1

Outside of each forts in Redans, Liepaja, Latvia

karosta festival

Redans on Festival day. 9th June 2019.

iceland 2019 1

Left: Community center, Right: fish factory

This is the 2nd time Hellissandur, Iceland hired Artrvlers to make the Hellissandur Street Art Festival, the first project attracted hundreds of thousands of new tourists, investors into the town, this time the township gave us permission to paint their major buildings, performance artists, circus artists and musicians from Artrvl also brought more diversity to the festival.

Artrvler lacey & layla (duo) from Canada, Moran Duvshani from Israel, clara cabrera from Spain, Nula Hula from UK, Ban Pesk from Argentina, Hanguitar Project (duo) from Italy, Hikki10 from China, Ione Dominguez from Canary Island, Yasja Ligtelijn from The Netherlands created 14 new murals, 2 days performance art, circus show, live music, dance and live painting with audiences.

iceland 2019 2

Left: Sports Hall, Right: Freezer hostel

iceland festival

Hellissandur Street Art festival, 21st, 22nd June 2019.

camilo iceland(Left) Artrvler Camilo Arias from Colombia traveled to Hellissandur, Iceland (Street art capital of Iceland Artrvl project) in April, 2018 and painted this giant mural - vikings sailed to Snaefellsnes Peninsula in west Iceland.

Here are more walls transformed in the same street art capital of Iceland Artrvl project

Ljubomir iceland

Luis iceland

(Above) Art by Ljubomir Todorovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina

(Left) Art by Luis Rincón from Colombia

robin iceland

art (from left to right) by: Natalia Moguel from Mexico, Robin Abramović from Austria, Alva Moca from Spain

Natalie iceland

art (from left to right) by: Liza Gonzalez from Mexico; Alva Moca from Spain, Natalia Moguel from Mexico and Pesk (Esteban Loeschbor) from Argentina

pamela thessaloniki

Artrvler Pamela Kir from Argentina traveled to Thessaloniki, Greece in April, 2019 and transformed the cafe exterior wall with Greek mermaid!

before n after 3 strands of hair

Artrvler Luanna Li from China traveled to Denver, USA in May 2019 and transformed the stairway of the hostel into a wonder-world. 

LL reykjavikhikki10 USAhikki10 usaluanna portugal

She also traveled to Gansu, China and transformed the government building, Lisbon, Portugal in Jan 2018 and transformed the entrance wall of the hostel into neon light urban hub, and March 2018 in Denver, USA and created an exterior wall on the entire building of an airbnb house!

She is also the Founder of Artrvl.

cesar thailand

Artrvler Cesar Burgos from Mexico traveled to Bangkok, Thailand in March 2018 and transformed the hallway of the 2nd floor of the hostel with the mixture of nature and urban life!

biru liao china

Artrvler Biru Liao, Nicola Facchini from Italy traveled to Shangrao, China in February 2017 and transformed the newly opened commercial space with 6 other local artists into a gallery - they created 2 pieces of giant art installation with local farming materials found from their trip to a nearby village Wuyuan!

Thus, Artrvl is on many international news becasue of its easy-to-use open call platform and the effectivenss of its projects and festivals.

Screen Shot 2019 10 25 at 22149 PM

Screen Shot 2019 10 25 at 22304 PM

Screen Shot 2019 10 25 at 21522 PMKurzemes VardsMore finished projects photos herevideos here

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