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Group exhibition @ Moziart Gallery, Hamburg, Germany 2009
Group exhibition @ Shi Dong Gallery Songzhuang Artist village, Beijing, China 2012
Group exhibition @ Graton Gallery, San Francisco, U.S. 2015 
Represented by PotatoMike online gallery, New York, U.S. 2016
Created Street Art capital of Iceland in Hellissandur 2018
Co-host and participant of Karostas Art Festival, Liepaja, Latvia 2019
Co-host and participant of Hellissandur Street Art Festival, Hellissandur, Iceland 2019
Muralist of DreamBackToZhuoNi, Silk Road Toursim Festival, Zhuoni, China 2019



Founder of Artrvl Limited, World traveler, Muralist, Creative Director, Designer and Videographer.

Has a passion for all known and unknown beauty. Life for her is a journey of adventures and joy, creating makes it more exhilarating. Self-taught contemporary artist, her art work is a story-telling of real life around her, whimsical with a dark humor, it often reflects what she experienced when she travels, thinks and dreams